16 Best Class 2 Electric Bikes

E-bikes bring freedom. In America, e-bikes are broken down into three categories. Class 2 e-bikes are limited to 20 miles an hour but come with a throttle, turning pedaling into a purely optional activity. Class 3 e-bikes, on the other hand, cannot operate their motors unless the rider is pedaling, but can go up to 28 miles an hour.

Class 2 e-bikes might be slower, but they give the rider more freedom than their faster brethren. Not only do you have complete control over your level of physical exertion, but in many states, Class 2 e-bikes can be ridden in places that Class 3 e-bikes are banned, meaning that you can cruise more places with ease.

If you would like to read in more detail about how to choose an electric bike, you can read my ultimate electric bike buying guide.

In order to simplify things, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bikes on the market that are most definitely Class-2 ready out of the box.

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Next-Gen Aventon Pace 500$$Upright cruiser frame geometry, Integrated battery nice frame, Can convert to Class 3. Refined and Fun
Electric Bike Company Model C$$$Customizable colors, Made-to-order, Arrives fully built, Large Weight Capacity, Large Extra Battery, Bolted basket, and a Welded rack
Aventon Sinch$$Foldable, Powerful. Great at hills, Long-range.
Flyer M 880$Integrated cargo rack, Double-sided kickstand, and Fenders Lights included 
Addmotor Hithot H3 Electric Mountain bike$$$$Full suspension mountain bike, Mid-drive motor (sometimes)
Addmotor E-43 CityPro$$Large battery capacity, Well-equipped
Addmotor M-81$$Large payload capacity, Durable tires, Suspension fork, Long rear rack, Passengers
Flyer L885$$Longtail Cargo, Inexpensive, Dual-leg kickstand, Large payload capacity
Lectric XPremium$$Foldable, Mid-drive motor, Large battery capacity, Large payload capacity
RadExpand 5$$Great customer service, Great rear rack, Fairly light
Engine-Lab NGN E450$$Suspension Seatpost, Belt-drive, Front and Rear Rack, Well-equipped
Aventon Soltera$Lightweight, Fun, Fixie (sometimes), Nimble
RadCity 5 plus$$Well-equipped, Powerful, Balanced
Aventon Aventure$$Fat-tire, Can convert to class 3, Powerful motor
Juiced Ripracer$Small, Fun-sized bike, Powerful motor, Hydraulic disc brakes
RadRover 6$$Hydraulic disc brakes, Front suspension

Many manufacturers recognize that the classification of your bike is a thing you might want to change. Many modern e-bikes can be converted from Class 2 to Class 3 or vice versa with a few button presses.

This isn’t always easy to do – or even to learn about. While some companies prominently advertise the options offered by their programmable controllers, most keep these “power user” options well hidden in the deep recesses of downloadable manuals.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the bikes!

Next-Gen Aventon Pace 500

  • Upright cruiser frame,
  • Can convert to Class 3,
  • Refined and Fun,
  • Lightweight

The Aventon Pace 500 is a modern e-bike from one of the best direct-to-consumer manufacturers on the market. It’s snazzy, comfortable, and full of subtle refinements that can only come from a company with Aventon’s years of experience. This means that if you’re in the market for something that’s refined while remaining affordable, the Pace should be one of your top choices.

As far as specs go, the Aventon Pace 500 is a very sane cruiser-style bike. It’s quite light for its power, weighing in at only 52 lbs despite the 500-watt motor and the 24+ mile range. The Pace uses 2.2” tires, meaning it’s stable and grippy without lugging around the excess weight and rolling resistance brought on by full-sized fat tires.

The Pace is full of nice refinements that make it well-suited for just about every type of city riding. The controller is deliberately tuned to deliver power in a controlled gradient, meaning the bike feels like you’re in control at all times.

The 8-speed drivetrain ensures that you can get plenty of power out of your legs, no matter how much help the motor is providing. Adjustable handlebars mean that the bike can be adjusted to fit most riders, even if you’re taller or shorter than the “average” rider.

The Pace does not come with racks or fenders, but they can be purchased from Aventon for a reasonable fee. It’s a perfect bike for someone who’s looking for a fast, powerful city bike with a more relaxed riding style. Its low weight, above-average range, and subtle refinements help it stand out from the competition. The fact that it’s fairly affordable makes it just about perfect.

Electric Bike Company Model C

Electric Bike Company Model C

The Model C is a classic style utility electric cruiser, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built. Has the ability to carry extra cargo due to a modified headset so that the basket is attached to the frame and to ensure the rider's steering is never compromised. Has the MIK integrated Click System in the rear rack for all cargo additions to fit on seamlessly.

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  • Customizable colors – made-to-order,
  • arrives fully built,
  • large weight capacity,
  • large extra battery,
  • bolted basket – welded rack

The Electric Bike Company Model C is a bespoke product in a sea of mass-produced clones. These bikes are made-to-order and ship fully built. While they’re a bit more expensive than their competitors, Electric Bike Company’s dedication to quality and attention to detail means that they’re a brilliant choice for buyers who can spare the budget.

Income School

The Model C is a stylish cruiser that resembles a lazy scribble by a whimsical artist, full of idyllic bends and bold colors. A welded rear rack and permanently attached front basket make this bike perfect for carrying cargo, while fenders and a chainguard keep your clothes clean on wet roads.

The bike’s motor is powerful enough to keep you going, even with the bike’s default single-speed configuration. Gears are one of many options you can add to a Model C. It definitely feels like a fixie cruiser, however, so you might find that you’re tarnishing the experience somewhat.

Electric Bike Company marches to the beat of a different drummer in many ways. The Model C has a charger built into the rear rack, enabling you to plug your bike in anywhere there’s an outlet. It’s a neat feature, although it definitely adds weight to the bike.

It’s also not the fastest charger in the world, offering a mere 1.7 amps compared to the 5 amp charger sold separately by Electric Bike Company. Considering that you can get up to 36 amp-hours of battery with a Model C, you’ll probably need to use the faster charger whenever you’re safe at home.

As far as riding quality goes, the Model C feels sturdy and secure. The welded rack and bolted basket don’t clang around the way removable accessories do. They also can carry more, affording this bike a max cargo weight of 420 lbs. The 500-watt motor is more than enough to push this 57-lb bike around, especially if you’re willing to help it out on a hill every once in a while. 

You don’t see a lot of made-to-order e-bike cruisers with the creativity and attention to detail showcased in the Model C. It’s a wonderful bike, complete with internally routed cables and a custom leather seat. If you’re after a bike that’s classy, relaxed, and well-made, the Model C is going to be right up your alley.

Aventon Sinch

  • Foldable,
  • Powerful.
  • Great at hills,
  • Long-range

While e-bikes serve as a replacement for a car for some people, other people use them as a vehicle that they can put in their cars. When you’re driving to the lake for a day with the family, however, it can get hard to fit a full-sized e-bike in the trunk. That’s where the Aventon Sinch comes in. This is a full-power fat-tire e-bike, complete with a 500-watt motor and 4” wide tires, but it’s also got a hinge in the middle. This allows you to fold it up for easier stowage on larger vehicles.

There’s a bit of a catch here. The Sinch is a 68 lb e-bike. It’s got the same power, range, and speed that you’d get out of a non-folding bike, but that means that it’s heavy. It’s also not a compact bike, so while you can fold it in half and turn it into a package that can fit in a trunk, it’s not a bike that you can carry around in a backpack or just toss it under your desk.

Performance-wise, the Sinch honestly runs circles around many full-sized e-bikes. It’s got almost 40 miles of range on max pedal assist, its torquey motor can blast up hills with ease, and the fact that the bike folds doesn’t prevent it from having a standard 7-speed derailleur setup.

While the smaller wheels make the ride a bit rougher, the 4” fat tires and front fork help to offset this and keep your ride smooth and fun. Perhaps most importantly, the adjustable handlebars and seat mean that anyone can ride a Sinch, making it a perfect companion for your weekend excursions.

Flyer M 880

Flyer Bike M880

Delivering high speed, performance, and cargo hauling capabilities, the Flyer™ M880 is the perfect everyday adult electric cargo bike to rekindle the joy & freedom of your first set of wheels. 

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  • Integrated cargo rack,
  • Double-sided kickstand,
  • Fenders Lights included 

Known for their trademark red wagons, Radio Flyer makes a killer e-bike these days. The Flyer M 880 is a “short-tail cargo bike,” which is a fancy way of saying that it’s a bike with a normal wheelbase that’s designed for pulling trailers and carting around groceries on the rear rack. It’s a fat-tire bike with a step-through frame that’s perfect for just about any sort of relaxed city riding. Perhaps most importantly, it’s incredibly affordable.

While the Radio Flyer M 880 is advertised as a cargo bike, this doesn’t mean that it’s more powerful than other bikes. Instead, it’s got a very standard 500-watt hub motor that’s been tuned to be tame and gentle. This is one of the smoothest starting e-bikes that you’ll find anywhere, especially on pedal assist.

The bike is powerful enough to keep you moving fast, but its configuration means that it struggles a bit with hills compared to other e-bikes. It’s a lot easier to climb hills on the M880 than on a bike without a motor, but you’re definitely not going to shoot up them like you would on an Aventon Aventure.

The M880 has a fair bit of range, offering about 33 miles on a single charge on higher pedal assist settings. It weighs 67 lbs and comes with a permanent rack, fenders, and a double kickstand that will keep the bike stable while you load it up.

Overall, the low price of the M880 and the commuter-friendly features make this a workhorse that’s perfect for someone who wants to use a bike for errands or for transportation. It’s not as fancy or powerful as some of the other bikes here, but the blend of features and quality is honestly amazing for its price. If you’re after a budget-friendly bike for city chores, the M880 should be high up on your list.

Addmotor Hithot H3 Electric Mountain Bike

Addmotor Hitihot H3

Hithot H3 is a full suspension mid-drive electric bike, an absolute model for mountain trails and street riding.

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  • Full suspension mountain bike,
  • Mid-drive motor (sometimes)

Addmotor is a Chinese brand that has been making waves internationally with its affordable e-bikes. The Hithot H3 is an interesting package, offering a strange combination of features, components, and parts that’s a pretty darn good fit for the casual mountain biker.

If you ride on fairly tame trails and want a super powerful mid-drive bike to help you with your climbs, the Hithot H3 is going to be one of your better choices.

There are two big factors that make the Hithot H3 amazing. First, it’s a mid-drive – usually. The bike seems to be available in a couple of different configurations. While there’s nothing wrong with the hub-motor version, the mid-drive one has a whopping 500-watts of power, making it twice as powerful as the standard Bosch-driven bikes you find from other brands.

Since this power is multiplied by your gears, it has the ability to deliver incredible torque and astonishing speed with ease. It’ll effortlessly outperform just about every 750-watt hub motor bike on the market. It’s got stopping power to match, too, with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a gigantic 203mm front rotor. This bike will start and stop like a pro.

The other big factor is price. The Hithot H3 is one of the more expensive bikes on our list by a small margin, but it’s also a full-suspension mountain bike with a mid-drive motor. These qualities tend to make bikes crazy pricey. Despite this, the Hithot H3 isn’t that much more expensive than the other bikes here. It’s a ridiculously good deal.

As far as downsides go, the Hithot H3 had to sacrifice something to be this cheap. It’s a perfectly durable bike for somewhat tame trails, but you might not want to test the limits of the RST fork or the K-PLUS rear shock. The bike has an eclectic mix of components that are absolutely perfect for beginners, but if you’re a more experienced biker who’s blasting down double black diamond singletrack trails, you’ll want sturdier stuff from more reputable brands.

If you’d like to try out an electric mountain bike or you’re after something that can tackle a bit of light off-roading while being incredibly powerful, the Hithot H3 will be perfect for you. If you’re a more experienced biker and you’re tackling technical trails, however, you might want to save and get something that’s designed to take more of a beating.

It’ll be tough to come close to the Hithot H3’s price, even if you’re looking at hardtails, though, so be prepared to pay a LOT more.

Addmotor E-43 CityPro

Addmotor E43

The E43 is a city commuter with a large battery capacity that helps you climb up hills and accelerate with ease. Perfect for a family weekend getaway, commute to work or family fun.

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  • Large battery capacity,
  • Well-equipped

Like the other Addmotor bikes on the list, the E-43 CityPro is a bit of an oddball. It’s a bike that defies statistics, offering more power than it should from a 500w motor and a full list of features for a city commuter while staying pretty affordable.

Rather than banking on the light, nimble frame, the big battery, or the powerful motor, however, Addmotor has decided to make a name for themselves by marketing their bike’s turn signals.

It makes some sense, too. While the E-43 is a long-ranged, powerful bike that’s fun to ride, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen this exact frame for sale from a couple of other direct-to-consumer manufacturers. Honestly, most of these bikes have pretty similar Bafang motors, Samsung batteries, and hydraulic Tektro brakes. By skipping past the standard components and offering something new, Addmotor genuinely does set itself apart. 

Are the turn signals neat? Sure. Do they change the riding experience? Absolutely not. They’re quite small, meaning drivers and other riders will probably miss them. But they’re definitely different.

It’s worth repeating that while we’re glossing over the specs of the bike here, the Addmotor E-43 is a pretty darn neat e-bike. Its 500-watt rear-hub motor is more than enough for the 55 lb bike, while the rack and fenders make it ideal for city commuting and errands. The frame is designed for relaxed riding and even comes with adjustable handlebars, letting you customize the bike’s feel to your liking.

As far as whether or not you should buy the E-43, it should probably come down to price. The E-43 is quite comparable to bikes like the Aventon Pace, and while its refinements are more unconventional than the perfection offered by the Pace, it might be the better choice if its a few hundred dollars cheaper. Prices fluctuate, so be sure to check both before you make a decision.

Addmotor M-81

Addmotor M81

A newer cargo ebike designed with an integrated rear rack suited for outdoor hobbyists. Ideal for traveling through the city with your kids or spending a relaxing evening outside.

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  • Large payload capacity,
  • Durable tires,
  • Suspension fork,
  • Long rear rack,

The Addmotor M-81 is a fairly unique bike that brings a lot to the table. With a big, long rear rack that’s perfect for carrying cargo (or passengers), it’s ideal for someone who’s after a workhorse, not a pleasure machine.

This doesn’t mean that the Addmotor M-81 isn’t fun to ride. It’s a blast, in the same way that driving around in a pickup truck is super fun. Just because you can load up the bed with wood or furniture doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy driving around for fun with the windows down. In the same way, the

Addmotor M-81 is incredibly fun to ride for the sake of riding. Even when it’s loaded up with cargo, it’s a stable, sturdy bike that handles quite well.

One of the most fun things about the Addmotor M-81 is the ability to carry passengers. This means that you can carry kids, family, or friends on the back of your bike comfortably and safely. It’s a super neat addition that makes this bike really stand out if you’re trying to fully replace a car.

The M-81’s frame is set up for cargo, with a welded rack. This means that it doesn’t rattle or shake the same way that bikes with optional accessories do. The 750-watt motor is more than powerful enough to maintain speed with lots of stuff on the bike, too. It’s a hub motor, so it’s not incredibly torquey, but it’s more than enough to do the brunt of the work with a little bit of help from your legs. With no cargo or passengers, the extra power makes the bike wicked fast.

It’s important to note that while the bike always comes with a rear rack, it doesn’t always come with a bunch of other accessories. This means that you might end up spending a bit more than the sticker price. Be sure to check out these options and factor in their cost before making your final purchasing decision.

Flyer L885

Flyer Bike L 885

The Flyer™ L885 packs top-of-the-line hauling capabilities into a beautifully designed performance vehicle for your family. Haul cargo and kids with ease on your all-in-one longtail electric cargo bike. 

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  • Longtail Cargo,
  • Inexpensive,
  • Dual-leg kickstand,

The Flyer M880, but with a longer wheelbase and a longer rear rack. Comparable to the Addmotor M-81, but with a smaller 500-watt motor versus the Addmotor’s 750-watt. Refer to the section on the M880 above for a more detailed review.

If you’re just after the cliff notes, however, this is a very affordable cargo bike that’s set up for smooth, gentle riding, but it struggles to deliver torque on its own. Expect to pedal when carrying a load.

We will soon test this bike and give you a detailed review.

Lectric XPremium

Lectric XPremium

This is the ultimate long-range, mid-drive, fat tire folding e-bike! It comes with a ton of accessories out of the box and several optional accessories for maximum comfort!

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  • Foldable,
  • Mid-drive motor,
  • Large battery Capacity,
  • Large payload capacity

Like the Aventon Sinch, the Lectric XPremium is a foldable e-bike that’s perfect for weekend getaways. Also like the Sinch, while the XPremium folds, it’s not going to fit in a backpack. This is a big, 75 lb bike that’ll fit into a trunk with ease, but probably won’t go in an overhead bin.

The big draw of the XPremium over options like the Sinch is the fact that this is a mid-drive bike. How Lectric managed to throw a 500-watt mid-drive on a folding bike while keeping the cost this low is a genuine mystery. It’s got a torque sensor, too, meaning that the pedal assist actually reacts to the level of effort you’re putting in. In other words, the bike will go faster when you pedal hard, which is perfect if you want to feel like you’re a super athlete instead of a person holding down a throttle.

The XPremium still has a throttle, of course. It’s also got two batteries, meaning that you can go for really, really far on a single charge. The term “single” is used loosely here, as you’re lugging around twice as many power cells as most other bikes, but you can still get 50 to 100 miles in between visits to a power outlet.

The XPremium uses both a suspension fork and 4” tires to keep the ride smooth despite its smaller wheels. It feels surprisingly sturdy, even with the big hinge in the middle, while the adjustable handlebars give plenty of options to riders of all sizes.

Just like the Sinch, it’s an amazing vehicle to take with you on your weekend expeditions. With included fenders and a rack, you can even use it for some light errands while you’re stuck in the city.

RadExpand 5

Rad Expand

This is the 5th iteration of Rad's folding fat tire e-bike. It's fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable, leisure ride. The low-step frame means that it's great for shorter riders as well as those with mobility issues.

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  • Great customer service,
  • Great rear rack,
  • Fairly light

While this hub-motor folding e-bike can’t out-torque the XPremium, the RadExpand 5 has been engineered with a different goal in mind. The RadExpand isn’t the lightest bike ever, but at 62.5 lbs its a good ten pounds lighter than the XPremium. This means that it’s significantly more portable, making it even better for short jaunts to a park or outdoor space.

It’s not slower, either. The 750-watt rear hub motor is more than enough to propel this bike up to the Class 2 speed limit of 20 miles an hour. Mid-drive motors are much better at going up hills and magnifying your power, but they’re quite similar when it comes to boosting you along flat ground with the throttle.

The RadExpand 5 has a single battery, meaning it’s got a quite respectable range of around 40 miles. There’s no front suspension, but the fat tires are quite good at absorbing small shocks and keeping you stable while you’re outdoors. Like the other two folding bikes, the RadExpand has a full drivetrain complete with a 7-speed derailleur, meaning it’s easy to add as much human power as you’d like.

Overall, the RadExpand 5 is cheap, light, and convenient. It’s not quite as torquey as the XPremium, nor does it have as much range, but it’s easier to store and carry. It’s also often easier to fit inside of your budget, although prices may vary. The RadExpand 5 is quite comparable to the Aventon Sinch, so be sure to check both bikes out in detail before making a final purchase. 

Engine-Lab NGN E450

Enginelab NGN E450

The Engine-Lab E450 is designed to enhance your bicycle experience with the power of electricity and Comfort Focus Design, allowing you to ride and explore with a new level of freedom. Ride with one of the five levels of pedal-assist for the classic pedaling experience, or shift into throttle drive mode and effortlessly navigate the path ahead. 

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  • Suspension Seatpost,
  • Belt-drive,
  • Front and Rear Rack,
  • Well-equipped

Designed to keep biking simple, the Engine-Lab NGN E450 is a single-speed belt-drive bike with a 500-watt rear hub motor. It’s got both a front and rear rack, a nimble commuter frame, and plenty of range for your daily ride.

Belt drives are quieter, more reliable, and more efficient than their chain-based counterparts. The big downside is that it’s harder to shift gears. The Engine-Lab NGN E450 and other similar e-bikes dodge this downside by giving you a nice, big hub motor on the rear wheel. This means that while it might be hard to get the big chainring going at the start of your ride, once your motor kicks in everything is smooth sailing.

You’ll be able to sprint up hills with ease and outpace friends with fancy gearing systems with the extra watts at your back.

Importantly, the NGN E450 doesn’t skimp when it comes to torque. The 80NM afforded by the rear hub motor isn’t outlandish by any means, but it’s definitely not on the low end, either. This means that the bike is well-suited for most cities, even if you’ve got lots of hills.

The E450 is nimble, fun, and well-equipped. It’s got integrated lights, a center-mounted kickstand, and even an included folding lock for keeping your bike safe. At just over 60 lbs, it’s not the lightest bike in the world, but it’s also not super heavy for a powerful e-bike.

The NGN E450 is a great option that combines fixie fun with commuter convenience. If that sounds like your cup of tea, it’ll be a perfect choice for you. If you’re after more convenience and less fun, however, consider the Addmotor M-81 or the Electric Bike Company Model C. If you’re after more fun and less convenience, consider the Aventon Soltera or the Ride1Up Roadster.

Aventon Soltera

  • Lightweight,
  • Fun,
  • Fixie (sometimes),
  • Nimble

The Aventon Soltera is designed to be light, nimble, and fun. It’s 41 lbs. This cannot be overstated. The Soltera is a very, very light e-bike. 41 lbs is certainly a bit heavy for a normal bicycle, but when you consider that you’ve got an extra fit cyclist’s worth of power coming from the 350-watt rear hub motor, it starts to sound like the crazy low number that it is.

This bike is more than 30% lighter than some of the lighter bikes on this list and weighs just over half as much as some of the folding options. It’s crazy light.

The Soltera is available as both a fixie and a 7-speed. While the 7-speed is a few pounds heavier, that’s because derailleurs and cogs are made of stuff. The bike feels super fun to ride in both configurations, offering plenty of power to zoom up hills in whatever gear you choose as long as the motor is on.

While the Soltera is fun, it doesn’t come with accessories. You’ll be carrying any cargo in a backpack by default. You can purchase a rack, of course, but be aware that this will both burden your wallet and make the bike heavier. The Soltera is still fun to ride with a few bags of groceries over the rear wheel, but it might not deliver the same pure, powerful experience as riding the bike in its bare, stripped-down form.

In addition to being light, nimble, and fun, the Soltera is also cheap. It’s a few hundred dollars cheaper than most of the other bikes on this list, in fact. This means that even when you factor in the cost of a rack, it’s still one of the cheapest commuter options here.

RadCity 5 Plus

  • Well-equipped,
  • Powerful,
  • Balanced
  • Great customer service

Available in both high-step and step-through frames, the RadCity 5 Plus is a refined city commuter that’s designed to be cheap and convenient without sacrificing power or features. A 750-watt rear hub motor means that you can go fast, while a big battery delivers between 30 and 50 miles of range. Included fenders and a rear rack mean that you don’t have to pay extra for the features you need for errands, keeping the bike simple and affordable.

The RadCity 5 offers a set of Goldilocks-Esque compromises. It’s got a big 750-watt motor, the biggest you can have in the US, but it’s a mere 64 lbs. This means that it’s nominally 50% more powerful than the Aventon Pace. It’s limited to the same top speed, of course, but you’ll find that the Rad City 5 does much better on hills, especially without help from you.

The wheels are 2.0” wide, meaning that they’ll help with stability without sacrificing speed. The battery is big enough to give you the 30 to 50-mile range mentioned above, but it’s not so big that it adds weight and makes the bike feel clunky.

In keeping with its theme of “just right,” the RadCity 5 isn’t the cheapest bike on this list by any means. It is priced quite competitively, however,  keeping it in range of most budgets.

RadCity 5 offers a great blend of power, weight, and features to commuters who want a flexible city-focused bike. Again, you can definitely beat it on any singular factor, but when you put everything together, it’s a tough package to beat.

Aventon Aventure

Aventon Aventure

The Aventon Aventure is a stylish, well-built fat tire e-bike that offers great performance and excellent range at a very reasonable price. It's great for commuting, running errands, or just to have fun riding a bike

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  • Fat-tire,
  • Can convert to class 3,
  • Powerful motor

The Aventure is a powerful 8-speed fat-tire bike that’s built for adventure, for lack of a better word. Aventon has snuck a massively torquey 750-watt motor onto this thing’s rear wheel that delivers a colossal 1130 watts of peak power. It’s not a literal motorcycle, but this is definitely one of the fastest e-bikes on the market when you’re going up a steep hill. Without your help, the Aventure will outpace most 500-watt bikes that are being assisted by their riders. With your help, it’ll climb like a rocket.

Hill climbing isn’t everything, however, and the Aventure’s features certainly don’t stop there. It’s got big, knobby 4” wide tires that are perfect for conquering the outdoors and built-in fenders to keep your fun from splattering mud all over your pants. The bike comes with an 8-speed derailleur that offers you plenty of options when you choose to help the bike out yourself, although you definitely don’t need to.

As far as range goes, the 72-lb Aventure gets about 25 miles on the throttle alone, which is pretty impressive. It’s a perfect bike for long rides on light trails, bumpy roads, and gravel, especially with the front suspension fork and big, fat tires.

In the city, it still performs wonderfully, although the big tires and increased weight mean that it doesn’t feel quite as nimble as some of the commuters on our list. Still, the big motor helps it to feel even more powerful.

Juiced Ripracer

Juiced RipRacer

The new RipRacer is the ultimate FUN SIZE fat-tire electric bike. Featuring a 52-Volt battery and powerful 750-Watt motor you'll have plenty of torque and power for conquering hills and dominating the road. The RipRacer is loaded with premium features like hydraulic disc brakes, Cadence Pedal Assist, and integrated brake light.

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  • Small and fun-sized bike,
  • Powerful motor,
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

It’s super fun to take e-bikes with you when you go camping, hiking, or exploring. Rather than making the Ripracer fold up for transport, Juiced has opted to simply make the bike small. It’s a very fun decision that results in a totally unique riding experience. Sure, you might find pedaling a bit weird while you’re seated, but the 750-watt rear hub motor is more than capable of doing most of the work for you.

The RipRacer is available in two different models, one of which has a throttle and a smaller battery. The other, a Class 3 e-bike ditches the throttle for a bigger battery and more range. Be sure to check your local laws before deciding which bike is best. There’s no point in opting for the extra range if it’s going to get you in trouble with the local park rangers.

The RipRacer is fun. It’s crazy powerful, with a motor that can output up to 1300 watts of peak power, which is pretty insane. It weighs 66 lbs, which is about what you’d expect given the frame size and the features. As far as range goes, expect something close to 30 miles out of the Class 2 package.

RadRover 6

Our Pick
RadRover 6

Introducing the RadRover Step-Thru, a low-step electric fat bike that combines the rugged look and capabilities of our flagship model with a new frame style that meets the needs of all riders.

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  • Great customer service,
  • Hydraulic disc brakes,
  • Front suspension

Rad Power’s fat-tire e-bike isn’t quite as torquey as the Aventon Aventure, but it’s still a close competitor. With 30 miles of range, big, comfy tires, and a sturdy frame, the RadRover 6 is perfect for people who don’t want to be confined to the pavement.

One of the big draws to the RadRover 6 over the Aventure is the range of accessories. Aventon has plenty of stuff for sale on their website, but Rad Power makes it easy to kit out your bike with exactly what you need. The RadRover comes with fenders in the base price, but if you want to add on baskets, racks, and other accessories, you’ll want to check out their complete kits.

As far as the rest of the bike goes, the RadRover 6 is quite similar to the Aventure. It’s a bit less suited for super steep hills, but only slightly. It’s still got a super big 750-watt rear hub motor, so if you pedal just a little bit more you’ll do fine. On flatter ground, expect to hit 20 miles an hour with ease.

The RadRover 6 is usually quite affordable for a fat-tire e-bike, so be sure to check it’s current price, Things tend to fluctuate a little bit, so be sure to check out the Aventure’s current price as well.

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