6 (Un)Surprising Reasons Why Bromptons Are So Expensive

Looking for a folding bike that’ll last you for many more years to come? If so, then you’ve probably come across Bromptons, one of the leading folding bikes in the industry. 

And if you read the spec list without seeing the price first, it sounds like the perfect bike and almost every commuter would buy one. But it’s the price that has many commuters stumped. So, why are Bromptons so expensive?

Bromptons are expensive because of their reputation, high quality, and durability. Each component of each bike is designed and manufactured by Brompton. Brompton also offers excellent customer service and makes spare parts available even for any model ever sold.

But there’s far more to it than that, so let’s explore some more, shall we?

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In-house Parts

Everything is designed and manufactured in-house, so all parts from the initial conception to the final nuts and bolts are Brompton. That leads to better quality and more customer trust, but also an increase in price

There aren’t any cheap corners to cut for different parts, etc, as other companies and brands may be able to do. 

With Bromptons you get a bike that is ALL Brompton, so you have to pay for that quality. They know how to make parts for their bike that will last for a very long time and that comes at an additional cost.

Speaking of in-house parts – in-house for Brompton is Central London, one of the most expensive places for businesses to operate in the UK. 

Proprietary Parts

Bromptons are made up entirely of proprietary parts. Everything they use is theirs. 

These parts come at an extra cost because they are often unique and complex, and only suited to their specific model of bike. Essentially, every Brompton is bespoke because it’s made using parts that only Brompton can make

There aren’t alternatives available, the parts simply cost what they cost to make, and that reflects in the price of the final product.

Two Frame Hinge Axes VS One

Another really important thing to consider when you compare Bromptons to other folding bikes is that they use two frame hinge axes, and a lot of other folding bikes only use one. 

Additional mechanisms and parts such as tubing, lugs, and fittings are needed to create that extra frame hinge axe for the folding component.

Income School

Because extra parts are needed to make a Brompton, they’re always going to be more expensive than competitors because it simply costs more to make one. 

But this extra frame hinge axe also allows for a more compact fold compared to competitors too, so the extra hinge isn’t included for the sake of it. It actually benefits customers too, because they get the benefit of a smaller folded bike that enhances its usability.

Backwards Compatible Parts or spares (Good For Repairs)

This goes back to the in-house and proprietary parts points from above. Because everything is made by Brompton, they have a specific way of doing things. Basically, they know what works best for their bikes. 

But that also means that the company often produces bikes with parts that are backward compatible, meaning you can always find parts to replace old or damaged ones. 

Like all bikes, Bromptons can succumb to general wear and tear, so it’s good to know that any problems can be fixed easily and cheaply because parts are readily available.

But that also means that there has to be some initial cost upfront. Brompton creates bikes that will last the distance and can be repaired time and time again when something goes wrong. In order for them to be able to do that they have to use unique parts in their design that rarely change. 

On the rare occasion that they do, if you want to replace a part on a 20 years old Brompton there is a good chance you will find the part you need by contacting the manufacturer.

The extra effort, time, and thought that goes into this manufacturing process ultimately makes it more expensive to create a Brompton compared to competitors. So, again, this increases the cost for customers.

Compact, Quick, Smooth

There are lots of folding bikes on the market. Bikes can be folded into compact parcels that are easy to carry. Bikes that can fold down quickly for those rushed morning commutes. And bikes that fold away smoothly, and are just as smooth to ride when you’re on the road. But a Brompton is all three.

Compact, quick, and smooth Bromptons are known for their quality, as well as their price tags.

So many people own Bromptons despite the cost because they know that they’re buying quality. 

To have a folding bike that’s capable of all three criteria above is a blessing to the average commuter who just needs a folding bike that is practical and perfect for their morning trips to work. 

Bromptons are high-quality bikes that do exactly what commuters need them to do, and that’s why they cost more than cheaper alternatives that maybe don’t have that key triple-threat in quite the same way as Bromptons do.

You Pay For The Name You Trust

And finally, it’s a simple matter of paying for a name you can trust. 

Big names in business don’t get their reputation overnight. It takes years of hard work, loyal customers, and top-quality products before their name is big enough to bring new customers in. 

Brompton is now at that stage because of decades of constant hard work. 

The in-house, proprietary parts; the two frame hinge axes design for better storage; backward compatible parts that make them repairable and durable; and the quality of the bike itself – all of these combine to create a bike that might cost a little more than the average, but is worth even more than that!

Final thoughts

So yes, Bromptons are a little pricey, but the quality of the bike is what you ultimately pay for. If you’re looking for a premium folding bike that will last you for many years, then Brompton bikes are an excellent option.

Sam Benkoczy

Hi, I'm Sam. I own and maintain 6 e-bikes, 15 regular bikes (road bikes, folding bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes among others). I learned about bikes from my local bike mechanic as well as from bike maintenance courses. I love being out there in the saddle, and using my bike as a practical means of transportation. You can also find me on my YouTube channel at youtube.com/bikecommuterhero Say hi to me at sam@bikecommuterhero.com.

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