Insta360 – Record Your Bike Rides Like A Champion

Grab Your Insta360 Camera using this special link for a BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT OF UP TO 15%!

This is an excellent gift for a cyclist family member or friend. Or just a great deal to pick one up for yourself.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Insta360 cameras! I use them all the time for capturing my rides and commute.

They are the most versatile cameras to capture the action when you ride your bike.

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My Insta360 One R Twin edition puts an ENTIRE VIDEO CREW IN MY POCKET.

Grab yours HERE!

  • As long as the 360 camera is running, I’m capturing everything and I don’t need to worry about framing the shot correctly!
  • I can change between the 360 degree and the 4k mod in less than 30 seconds!
  • I can edit my videos in the camera and only download the footage I want to use on my phone
  • I can attach my external microphone to create vlog style videos
  • I can take it under water without a case
  • I can use it on my helmet as a safety camera to loop record my ride.

My Insta360 Go2 is TINY AND MIGHTY, and you can get yours on the Insta360 website.

  • I can capture videos of my ride from ANY IMAGINABLE ANGLE [pendant, helmet mount, tripod mount, handlebar mount, grip, magnet]
  • I never have to worry about leveling the horizon. The camera does it for me.
  • I can remote control the camera from the charging case!
  • I can download the edited footage to my phone and post it in ANY FORMAT to any social network

Pick up your Insta360 now, and bring a smile to a loved one’s face! Or to yours.

Sam Benkoczy

Hi, I'm Sam. I own and maintain 6 e-bikes, 15 regular bikes (road bikes, folding bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes among others). I learned about bikes from my local bike mechanic as well as from bike maintenance courses. I love being out there in the saddle, and using my bike as a practical means of transportation. You can also find me on my YouTube channel at Say hi to me at

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